Product Design, UI

Stage Design System

Work In Progress

Wix’s Stage Design System is a design system for all of Wix’s vertical apps such as Wix Stores, Wix Bookings, Blog, Forum, and more. Within the team, I research and design the components (based on atomic design methodology) that fall on stage when users add these apps to create their website. These apps are eventually themed to the user’s website design but the system creates consistency in functionality and behavior. Here’s the work process and some of the results for building the system:

Mapping & Indexing existing UI Components
There are over 50 repeating components in over 14 On-Stage apps at Wix, so the first step was indexing and mapping out these components. This is an example of a card component that looks and behaves differently in every product.

For every UI components, there’s a research deck containing different visual and functional refrences and reading materials

Grid, Layout, & Style Instructions
The team created a style guide based on a 4px grid with recommendations for text sizes

A sketch library for the product designers
The current result is a sketch library with documentation for the product designers working on the various on-stage apps.

A sketch library for the product designers
We also have online documentation for the designers and developers. There is also a storybook the process.

                                                              Quick Prototypes 
Before we release any component to the library, we make quick protoypes on actual Wix templates to see how our decisions will affect the web design.

Template Wiring
Finally, we have to test our components within the templates and make sure the sizes of fonts and colors are wired accordingly.

                                    Implementation on File Share App
Part of my work has also been actual implementation of the library on products such as the Wix File Share App - on on-stage app that allows website users to share files. This is how it was designed before the Stage Design System.

                                    Implementation on File Share App
An example of a user’s website with the File Share App

Implementation on File Share App
Redesign of the file share app - cleaner layout, ease of use, and a bigger focus on social sharing. This is a work in progress

The Wix Arena

The Wix Arena is a marketplace for Wix Design Experts - freelance web designers - who use Wix as their main site building tool.

A new ratings & reviews system
I worked on a new ratings and reviews system for the Arena to allow clients to project on their experiences. This feature enables a ranking system within the Arena as well.

A new client brief proposal
After user research, we found that the way in which clients search and find Wix experts is long and and complicated and therefore many of them abandon the process and prefer to look elsewhere for help in finding web design professionals. I proposed a concept which has worked on many other Wix products where the form is split up into flows of wheter you’d like to create a new website or fix your existing one. 

The Expert’s Portfolio Page

A slick way to display a Wix Expert’s portfolio when they have many works to showcase. Most of the information shortens when you scroll.

Product Design

Wix File Share

Work In Progress

Wix File Share is an application for Wix site owners with the goal of being the best tool for sharing files between site owners, members and groups. Users can create a file library so that their community members can easily share files with one another. 

Redesign of File Share App
I came in to redesign the Wix File Share app in order to consolidate it with the Stage Design System and to improve usability. The main audience for this tool are online academies or communities, though the product aims to reach independent business owners as well.

Defining the Problem
Old design made it more difficult to make actions on multiple files, to navigate between folders, and to identify between a file and a folder.

User’s utilization of the File Share App
Besides the general usability issues that our own team found to be problematic, we saw how our users customized and interacted with the product. The next step was speaking to these same users and collecting app reviews:

Main Pain Points
Based off of data collected from BI and user talks, the main points I defined were:
1. Lack of privacy permissions for files or folders
2. Lack of image + description for files and folders
3. UI Issues in the app

Immediate improvements
Issues like sort & search, selecting files, and navigating between folders were improved with the new Design System UI. Later, our team validated these changes with usability testing.

Image + Description

Layout sketches for files with images and description

Temporary Solution with Wix Code
We gave our advanced users a quick solution with Wix Code API to solve this problem.

Mobile Design Prototypes
For mobile, we tested our certain behaviors like file selections and actions and folder creations using a prototype to achieve the best design.

Wix Polls

Full flow & design for a feature within the Wix Blog app- the ability for Wix users to to add, edit, and eventually have users vote in a poll on their website.

Creating and editings Polls for Blog Posts

One of the most requested features by Wix users was a poll post within a blog where they can ask their fellow blog readers certain questions.

The first part of the flow and design is the creation and editing part of the poll:

  A user can add a photo to their poll question or answer

Images are automatically cropped. Once one image is added to one of the poll answers, it is suggested that all answers have an image attached with an “image upload” placeholder. Users can change the order of the answer choices.

The settings panel gives the user certain options about voter audience, obligatory verses optional answer choices, and timeline of the post.

Users of Wix users- voting in the Poll

When a poll is published in a blog post, users of Wix users can vote in the polls, add an option to the poll if the website editor allowed it, and see the results.

After a user of the site voted for the pooll, users can see the results and the “site members” who voted for it.

For poll results on mobile, more information is displayed on expand.

Web Design Projects

As part of the Wix Pages team at, I designed various websites for users and as well as for marketing purposes. I also created a website for a conceptual food product with Any.

Work Event Template

A template made for for a company event that also includes the “Wix Events” app and it’s customization abilities.

Premium Plans Page

A one pager that gives information to non-users about the various paid features of

Private Tutor Template

A simple template designed and illustrated for for a private tutor.

Wix Code Examples

A database for cool examples web interactions completed with Wix Code. I designed and coded the site, form, search functionality, and more.

Wellness On Tap

Website, product, and conceptual design for yogurt in the workplace. Made in collaboration with Studio Any.