Product Design, UI

Stage Design System

Work In Progress

Wix’s Stage Design System is a design system for all of Wix’s vertical apps such as Wix Stores, Wix Bookings, Blog, Forum, and more. Within the team, I research and design the compopnents (based on atomic design methodology) that fall on stage when users add these apps to create their website. 


A sketch library for the product designers
Part of the work is to create a sketch library listing all the styles and behaviors for the 50+ repeating components within the 15 verticals used on the Wix website builder.

Quick Prototypes 
We make quick protoypes on actual Wix templates to see how our decisions will
affect the designs.

Template Wiring
Finally, we have to test our components within the templates and make sure the sizes of fonts and colors are wired accordingly.