The Wix Arena

The Wix Arena is a marketplace for Wix Design Experts - freelance web designers - who use Wix as their main site building tool.

A new ratings & reviews system
I worked on a new ratings and reviews system for the Arena to allow clients to project on their experiences. This feature enables a ranking system within the Arena as well.

A new client brief proposal
After user research, we found that the way in which clients search and find Wix experts is long and and complicated and therefore many of them abandon the process and prefer to look elsewhere for help in finding web design professionals. I proposed a concept which has worked on many other Wix products where the form is split up into flows of wheter you’d like to create a new website or fix your existing one. 

The Expert’s Portfolio Page

A slick way to display a Wix Expert’s portfolio when they have many works to showcase. Most of the information shortens when you scroll.