Search in the Wix Editor

A concept for adding a search feature to the Wix Editor whereby users can add a search bar and see results to their Wix site. Wireframing and flow only. Full flow can be seen here. 

Designing the Panels
The first thing I did when designing this flow was mapping out the kinds of settings needed for a search feature. I came up with panels for General Settings, Design Settings, Layout Settings, and Mobile settings.

The flow starts from the “Add Panel” in the Wix Editor, in the User Input section.

     Adding a search bar to the editor

A search results page appears once the search bar is added

General Settings: a user can choose what part of their site will be searched (all pages or only certain pages)

General Settings: Customization for text of search results page in the case that there are no results.

Design Settings: Users can switch between the design settings of the search bar and the search results page. Within the search bar settings, they can decide on the design of every state of the search input bar.

Layout Settings: Here as well, users can switch between customization of the layout of the search bar and the results page.

Mobile Settings: Because the search behavior is different on mobile, the settings are a bit different, especially for dropdown suggestions where they can take up a lot of space on different mobile machines.